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The slideshow above gives you a preview of some of the services available to subscribers, including our iTutor AI teacher, video book, audio book and progress tracking.

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Online Tuition Services

One of the key things that we have created for everyone, whether you choose to subscribe or not, is a free science revision guide that anyone, including students and teachers can download for free. Not only is it free to download, but you are free to copy, re-distribute and modify its contents under the terms of the GNU free documentation license. It's a great resource for 14-16 year old science students in English speaking countries. It's simplified for young people and the hand-drawn illustrations are nice.

The online version of the book is designed to be clean and simple, a sort of childrens' science wikipedia. There's also a whiteboard version that will display the diagrams and text big enough for use in the classroom.

If you wish to subscribe, which cost about the same as a book, then you can access a lot of great resources. There are videos of a teacher explaining all of the topics and audio podcasts if you prefer. The main driving force behind the Automated Teaching Machines system was the desire to create an "iTutor" (Internet tutor), an automated software product that would imitate the behaviour of a teacher. We have now succeeded in this goal and created Akilah, an intelligent AI software robot. She is able to interact with students like a personal tutor, testing them and helping them to understand their work. She also keeps records so that you can check progress.

Clearly, automating the work of a tutor brings down the cost of teaching students. In fact, we have succeeded in bringing down the cost to about 1/50th of the cost of hiring a tutor to help with exam preparation! Or, another way of looking at this, would be to say that for the cost of half an hour's tuition with a tutor, you are getting about 25 hours of tuition time with an online tutor. We think that this is a great deal, a real opportunity for you to make better progress by using the technology available to you.

The subscription process involves paying online using a bank card. PayPal handle this for us securely and we don't see any of your card details. We will of course cooperate with any PayPal refund requests if you are not happy with your purchase. Your login details are emailed automatically after your payment has been made, so that you can get started straight away.

Annual subscriptions cost about the same as a book (£12.50, €14.50 or $19.50 at the time of publishing).
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You can find out more about our selling points here.

We are grateful to pixabay for supplying the slide show images under Creative Commons CC0.