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BBC Bitesize GCSE Science - An Alternative

Relaxing students

The Automated Teaching Machines website provides an interesting alternative the popular BBC Bitesize GCSE Science revision website.

We have produced concise, to the point content, making it easier for high school students to follow and understand. Our navigation is simple, making it easy to find the alphabetically sorted topics on each of our GCSE biology, GCSE chemistry and GCSE physics subject index pages. The BBC Bitesize GCSE Science content may not be as easy to navigate and understand.

Unlike the BBC Bitesize GCSE Science website, we have published The Free Science Revision Guide in pdf format as a free download. Students and teachers are free to download, print and share our Free Science Revision Guide under the GNU Free Documentation License, whereas the BBC Bitesize GCSE Science content is subject to BBC copyright.

We have included new technologies and ideas not available on the BBC Bitesize GCSE Science revision site. We have almost sixty video clips explaining our science topics to subscribers; unlike the BBC Bitesize GCSE Science website, a video for every topic. We have also created an intelligent AI agent capable of processing free-response text from students, while testing their recall and understanding of the topics. This method of testing students on what they have just learned is a unique and powerful feature available to our subscribers, which is not available on the BBC Bitesize GCSE Science website.

Just like the BBC Bitesize GCSE Science site, we also cover topics from the AQA, OCR 21st Century, OCR Gateway, Edexcel, Eduqas, WJEC and CCEA GCSE Science syllabi. Our topics are aimed at 14 - 16 year old high school or college students, but may be of interest to readers of any age. This work has been written to be freely available over the Internet, so it is a general purpose resource which can be used in any country and with any exam board that covers these subjects.

Written For Young People and New Learners

Our content is written to be accessible to young people, to be concise and to avoid repetition. The information given is intended to create an outline of the key facts and ideas for each topic, to establish a foundation that can be built upon by the student where time permits.

An International Audience

Our free intermediate science revision topics have been written for English speaking students and teachers in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Nigeria, New Zealand, Jamaica and the rest of the world.

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